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Behaviour, psychology & treatment

Our team is very focused on behavioural issues for both dogs and cats - anxiety, aggression, inappropriate toileting and separation issues.

If anything like this is occurring with your pet, please phone to arrange a consultation.


Many owners “put up with” behavioural problems for way too long, sometimes years, and arrive in absolute exasperation. Remember, the sooner you ask for help, the more likely we will be able to provide successful treatment. Entrenched behaviour patterns are difficult but not insurmountable. Consistency and persistence are key in dealing with behavioural issues and there is never a quick fix.


Remember also to be compassionate – “bad behaviour” is sometimes a manifestation of anxiety. 

Behaviour consultations require a physical and a behavioural assessment, so please tell our receptionist when you call that you will need a longer appointment. 


All of our vets are competent and compassionate and will try to help, but for complex or entrenched cases, we might gently ask you to see Dr Eleanor, who has vast experience in animal behaviour.

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