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Dog Haircut


We generally refer dogs and cats needing a haircut to the professional groomers as listed below. As a veterinary clinic, we only do practical grooms for animals that may not cope well in a professional grooming setting.

All of our grooming is done under sedation or general anaesthetic for a haircut and even sometimes for a nail-trim. Please speak to us about this excellent option.

All clips will be short in length. We will endeavour to keep head, ears and tail longer when they are not matted. We do a practical clip, please refer to the professional groomers listed below if you would like a fancy clip. If you would like a more even finish, it is best if you can pre-bath your pet and bring them in dry and ready for clipping. 


We do know of groomers in the local area - ‘Spots & Brows’ 0419 742 744 or ‘Unleashed’ 8677 1066. Kasey at ‘Adore the Paw’ 0402 599 077, will do behavioural grooms if people have a pet that needs that bit of extra time and care.

We do not offer a bathing service and recommend you seek the assistance of professional groomers if you require this service.

As well as keeping your pet cool in the warmer months, grooming is essential for ensuring a happy, healthy pet. Regular grooming also helps to improve the bond between you and your pet.


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