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Dogs with Dog Walker

Puppy Preschool & Training

We strongly advise Puppy Preschool for all puppies, even for owners who’ve previously had dogs.


Every new puppy has a different personality and the crucial learning and socialisation period is between 6 and 18 weeks of age, the easiest time to influence good behaviour. This is important for both puppy and owner!

For those more mature pets, there is always time to learn new things. Training helps to improve your relationship with your pet and provides a stable and strong foundation on which to build a better behaved dog.

Please ask us about recommending a local puppy or dog training school. There are also classes available for having fun while training with your dog - things like nose-work and agility, ask us for more information.

A committed approach to training from a young age is absolutely the best investment you can make in having a happy and healthy dog.  

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