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The most difficult and important decision you will make during your pet’s life will be deciding when to euthanase (also known as being put-to-sleep). We promise to be as supportive and helpful as we possibly can.


Dealing with death is not easy, but euthanasia can help prevent suffering and pain so we think it’s an amazing gift. For your pet it involves having a painless i/v injection of an anaesthetic, hence the term ‘putting to sleep’. We can provide this at the Hospital or at your home if you live nearby.

We have access to an individual cremation service, too. We can organise the cremation process and the return of ashes in the vessel of your choice. There are a range of different urns and boxes available, with plaques and photo frames as well.

If you sense that the time is approaching, please start a conversation with us well in advance, as this means you can make well-informed decisions before the final decision is made.

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