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We work with the amazing people at WIRES and Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Service (SMWS) to provide emergency care for native Australian animals.


Here in Dural we see many beautiful wild animals every year, either injured or unwell. We aim to treat as effectively as we can but then to rapidly refer onwards to volunteer wildlife carers and specialised vets, who can provide amazing levels of care and rehabilitation.


If you find an injured or sick wild animal, phone us or WIRES or SMWS before handling it. Please remember that some injured animals cannot be rehabilitated and therefore euthanasia might be required. Of course we will always do our best for them.

WARNING: NEVER handle flying foxes (fruit bats). Some of them have a virus similar to rabies which is fatal to humans. Please never present a flying fox to us as we cannot take it from you

For safety reasons, we cannot accept or handle any venomous animals or spiders. Please call WIRES or SMWS for assistance.

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