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& Food

In veterinary medicine, a common treatment is often a prescription diet.

These foods have been researched and developed for specific diseases. Using them helps us to manipulate the disease to improve a patient’s health.


The best known examples are k/d for animals with failing kidneys, and j/d which has multiple added nutrients for arthritis. These foods really do work to improve patient health outcomes. They often add months or even years to a pet’s life. 

Weight Loss is necessary in many of our patients – too much of the good life – and we can achieve exceptional results  if you follow our advice! Obesity is as common in pets as it is in people and results in similar health problems. The most upsetting result of obesity is the reduction in agility and mobility, meaning less play and less fun. A long walk is a joyful thing for a dog and obese dogs miss out on this.


Please make a time to visit for a free nurse consultation. We give advice and gentle encouragement, and we seriously have a good success rate. We encourage you to bring your pet in for free regular weigh-ins so we can celebrate the weight-loss journey with you and your pet.
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